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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Handicrafts -7. Self made wall hanging flower basket

Handicrafts -7. Self made wall hanging flower basket Materials and tools: two sprite beverage bottles, glue, carving knife and scissors. Manufacturing method: 1. Take off the green bottom cover of a sprite beverage bottle, cut it into a lotus shape, turn it down and stick it with the bottle body to form a base. 2. Cut a 2 cm wide green ring on the green bottom cover and put it on the bottle. 3. Remove the bottleneck and cut a wide band of 13 cm long and 8 cm wide and several narrow bands of 3 cm wide on the bottle. 4. Carve patterns on 3cm narrow strips with a carving knife, as shown in Figure 3, then turn these narrow strips outward and insert them into the green ring from bottom to top. 5. Take another drink bottle, use the bottle body and cut out 6 capsule leaves 17 cm long with scissors. 6. Nail the flower basket on the wall, insert leaves and flowers, and the wall hanging flower basket is made. 8. Self made cockroach capture box Take one 220 × 150 (mm) cardboard. The most important part of the snap box is the snap face. Take a piece of plastic film, cut it into the same size as the bottom of the box, apply adhesive and lay it on the bottom of the box. Whether cockroaches can be caught depends on the adhesive. Adhesive has two functions: one is to introduce cockroaches into the box, and the other is to stick them to the capture surface. Preparation of attractant: mix 40% meat powder, 50% flour and 10% bean cake, with a total amount of about 20g, and mix well for use. The adhesive is 20 grams of rosin mixed with 10 grams of vegetable oil, heated to colloid, mixed the attractant with the adhesive and stirred evenly to make the adhesive. Apply the adjusted paste evenly on the capture surface lined with plastic film, fold it inward according to the originally drawn dotted line, and finally insert the tongue B into the notch a. Due to the non dryness of the mixture of rosin and vegetable oil, the bait can be sticky for up to a week. Place the capture box in the place where cockroaches haunt. Because the box is dark and contains cockroaches' favorite bait, cockroaches will climb into the box to compete for bait and be stuck to it. After the paper box is fully glued, the paper box can be flattened and discarded, and the plastic film can be removed and replaced with the plastic film coated with bait, so that the box can be reused. If the size of the capture box is expanded and the composition of the adhesive is slightly adjusted, the paper mousetrap can be made by thickening the coating.

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