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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Handicrafts - I. homemade soda

Handicrafts - I. homemade soda After citric acid (or tartaric acid) and baking soda (NaHCO3) are dissolved in water, chemical reaction can occur to produce carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide gas is dissolved in water containing sugar, fruit juice and other components to make soda. Tools and materials Plastic coke bottle, balance. � Citric acid, baking soda, salt, sugar, fruit juice, cold boiled water. � Activity process 1. Take a clean plastic coke bottle, add an appropriate amount of sugar (or salt), fruit juice, 1.5g baking soda, cold boiled water (don't fill the bottle too full) and 1.5g citric acid in turn, and then screw on the bottle cap immediately to prevent the soda from flushing out. � 2. Gently shake the coke bottle to observe the phenomenon. � A large number of bubbles were found in the bottle. As the bottle cap is screwed tightly, the generated gas cannot escape. After about 15 minutes, the self-made soda can be drunk. � Description and extension 1. In summer, after drinking a bottle of soda, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the soda will enter the human body, but it will not be absorbed by the intestines and stomach or easily dissolved in water, so it will soon be discharged from the mouth. At this time, people often burp. As part of the heat in the human body is also carried out by carbon dioxide, people will feel very cool. � 2. When making soda, the factory does not produce carbon dioxide gas in the water bottle through the chemical reaction between substances, but directly dissolves the carbon dioxide gas into the solution under strong pressure, which can greatly increase the solubility of carbon dioxide in the solution. �

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