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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Simple handicraft making method

Simple handicraft making method Simple handicraft making method Use what is easy to find in life, such as hard paper cover, double-sided tape, transparent tape, patterned transparent tape, flower paper and so on. The most important thing is to be easy! Make a pencil case 1. Clean up the eight treasure porridge bucket or roll the waste paper into a hard paper case with the thickness and height you need (you should add a round hard paper back cover to roll the paper case yourself, which has the advantage that you can do as much as you want) 2. Wrap the package with your favorite paper or cloth and surround it with one layer. The packaging materials at the top and bottom should be about 2cm longer respectively, and it is better to stick double-sided adhesive tape before rolling onto the bobbin 3. Edging: The edges of the packaging materials growing from the top and bottom shall be cut longitudinally at a distance of about 5mm (remove the double-sided adhesive tape before cutting or apply liquid adhesive after cutting. It is recommended to use double-sided adhesive tape, which is convenient and tidy) (after this step, the top and bottom form short strips side by side) Fold the bottom strips one by one to the bottom and stick them; The small strip at the top is folded inward and stuck on the inner wall 4. Basic shape complete. If necessary, decorate the outside. You can draw and paste patterns or trinkets

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