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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Making of ceramic handicrafts

Making of ceramic handicrafts Today, we came to the pottery hall in the center of Qingdao children's palace to make pottery. As soon as I entered the hall, I saw that there were all kinds of pottery on display. It was very beautiful. There are small and exquisite slippers, colorful pen holders, lifelike small animals... Colorful, exquisite and beautiful. It can be seen that every work is done by the producer with his heart. When it was time for us to make, the teacher gave each of us a large piece of mud. I thought that to make a pen holder, I would pinch a little from the mud and knead it into a ball. Then put it on the production table and carefully press it down with your palm to form a big round cake. In this way, the bottom of a pen container is ready. I clapped my hands happily. I kneaded a small piece of mud from the mud, kneaded it into a strip, and circled it around the bottom, but each time I kneaded it, it was small on one side and big on the other. This has been revised many times. When I was almost impatient, the teacher came and told me not to lose heart. Failure is the mother of success. As long as I do it carefully, I will succeed immediately. After listening to the teacher, I have confidence again. I started to do it. This time I rubbed my hands together with equal force. My kung fu pays off. I finally rubbed the strips evenly. Then I surrounded the bottom one by one and made a small heart-shaped decoration on it. Because of my tacit cooperation between my two hands, I quickly completed a beautiful pen holder. And engraved my name on the bottom. Finally, I chose shiny green and light yellow to paint on the made pen holder. I was just looking forward to the time of firing, but the teacher said that due to the relationship of time, the firing process was completed by the masters for us. Now I really hope that time will pass quickly and I can see the beautiful pen holder I made myself early. Remember to give full marks, thank you!!!

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