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Monday, March 21, 2022

What materials need to be prepared to make imitation jade and what is the formula?

What materials need to be prepared to make imitation jade and what is the formula? What materials need to be prepared to make imitation jade, what is the formula, and the main materials are resin, filler (jade powder, light alumina), curing agent, flame retardant and defoamer. If you want to make it, first of all, in the small reactor, the gel coat resin is modulated and the uniform gel coat resin is brushed in the mold coated with the mold release agent, and then the thermosetting resin is modulated in the large reactor. After the resin is solidified, the mold is sealed and the outlet and outlet hole of the heat setting resin is sealed, and the thermosetting resin is poured into the mold. After heating, heat preservation, curing and demoulding, and then polishing, the finished product is prepared. This product can completely replace the wooden, stone and metal stair columns and handrails, and the prospect is very good. Generally speaking, the manufacturing process of ornaments or artificial jade floating through murals is characterized in that after making jade materials, they are made into materials and products with short construction period, low cost, free from space, variety, specification, shape, category, color, material, grade, environmental protection and traditional technology, fine technology, pure and soft color, and valuable for viewing, collection and development. In order to make decorative materials, especially architectural decorative materials, meet the requirements of beauty, durability, no pollution and low price at the same time, there have been many technologies of artificial stone. There are a variety of production formulas and production methods for artificial jade alone. In fact, there are two kinds of imitation jade, one is resin. This is good for molding and low for counterfeiting. The flashlight is basically opaque and the surface smoothness is not enough. Very low hardness. Easy to distinguish. The other is glass crystal. This kind of dyeing is not easy to see. It is not easy to distinguish when shining with a flashlight. The jade is transparent after irradiation, but there are cotton wadding or uneven particles in it. Generally speaking, jade is very beautiful. Jade is usually made of resin. When it becomes, it is very beautiful. It has a different aesthetic feeling. After irradiation, the light transmittance is very high and looks crystal clear.

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