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Monday, March 14, 2022

Write a 500 word answer to the composition of the process of learning handicrafts

Write a 500 word answer to the composition of the process of learning handicrafts The composition of the process of learning handicrafts is 500 words follow I'll make handicrafts. This winter vacation passed so fast, that's the blink of an eye. In this winter vacation, I did many interesting and meaningful things. But that's what makes me do the most profound handicrafts. In that matter, I learned a lot and understood a lot It was on the fourth day of the new year. My sister and I were discussing where to play. So I had a whim and told my sister to make Chinese knots with beads. Unexpectedly, my sister did not object, but agreed. Along the way, I talked and laughed with my sister, as if there were endless words. When I came to the door of the shop, seeing the shop gave me a desire to go in and play. In fact, the store is not big at all. It can't seat 13 people. Other places are occupied by works. Although those works are not as lifelike as clay sculptures, they are vivid. Although they are worn together with beads and thread, they are extremely three-dimensional. Looking at these vivid works of art, I can't wait to do it, because I also want to experience the fun of making works of art. As soon as I sat down, the vivid works of art were not displayed in front of me, but some beads and a bundle of thread. Looking at them, I really feel a little dizzy Just when I was thinking about which bead and thread to use first, I didn't expect that my sister had begun to learn and had worn a lot. But I didn't want to fall behind and imitated it. But the bead seems to have a grudge against me. No matter how you wear it, it can't stand up. It's just going to fall down. Looking at the beautiful appearance that my sister has learned and is about to finish the string, I'm really unconvinced. I'm a little reluctant to give up. No way, I had to be patient to wear one by one and make it up slowly. Unexpectedly, the Emperor didn't live up to his heart, which made me make it up in half. So later, I became more and more skilled, faster and better, and slowly made up an apple. Looking at this apple makes me feel very happy and excited. I got the joy of success from this apple and tasted the taste of failure. But isn't life like this? How can sweet come without suffering? This is the most meaningful thing in my winter vacation

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