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Saturday, February 5, 2022

How do you do it in workshop 2

How do you do it in workshop 2 You can find the supervisor ~ ~ there should be someone who wants you to buy a pet trainer workshop or something~ Workshop classification The workshop system is divided into five types: Bu Yao workshop, Zhan Lu workshop, Qi Qiao workshop, Sheng Lian workshop and Tong Xin workshop. These five workshops correspond to the refining and chemical production of headwear, weapons, clothes, shoes and necklaces. Join the workshop Players can join the workshop through the workshop director inside the guild and the workshop director of the imperial palace. Each player can choose to join the workshop at will, but only one workshop level can be raised to more than 3 sections. The workshop inside the guild needs the leader of each guild to invest in the research of guild funds. The difference between the two workshop directors lies in: the upgrading of the workshop outside the guild mainly consumes money; The workshop upgrade consumption within the guild is mainly based on the achievements of the guild. In comparison, although there are many restrictions within the guild, the cost is low. Although it is convenient and fast to promote the workshop level outside the guild, it needs to spend a lot of money. Production physical strength During workshop production, each production will consume 10 points of physical strength. When the workshop skill level is level 1 and the skill proficiency is less than 100, the workshop production does not consume physical strength. The production physical strength value will increase automatically according to the online time, and the physical strength value will increase by 10 points every online hour. Maximum physical strength = 10 * (60 + player level + 50 * reincarnation times). Therefore, the upper limit of a 140 level 2-turn player's production physical strength is 3000. Workshop construction within the gang The guild leader of each guild can consume the guild funds through the workshop director within the guild, choose to study workshop technology, create workshops and develop workshop skills. After the workshop is established, gang members can choose to join the workshop to become workshop members and have workshop skills. The workshop skills that players can learn in the guild workshop are limited by workshop technology. The workshop level determines the highest level that workshop members can be promoted. Therefore, if players want to improve their skill level, they must build a guild together with gang members, and then consume the guild construction degree to study the workshop technology to upgrade the workshop. Guild workshop technology is the workshop level, and the technology level corresponds to the workshop level. For example, if there are only 5 sections in the guild, then the guild members will not be able to be promoted to six sections through the workshop supervisor in the guild. The five workshop skills of the guild's external workshop supervisor are all 7 sections. If you can't improve the workshop level within the guild, you can spend money to find the guild's external workshop supervisor to improve the workshop level and level. The relationship between the workshop technology level that can be studied by the guild and the guild level is as follows: Level 1 Guild: all workshops can study up to 3 skills; Level 2 guild: all workshops can study up to 5 skills; Level 3 guild: one workshop is allowed to study skills up to 7 sections, while other workshops can only study skills up to 5 sections; Level 4 Gangs: allow two workshops to study skills up to 7 sections, and other workshops can only study skills up to 5 sections; The formula for calculating the guild funds consumed by the guild to study the workshop technology is: consumed guild funds = technology level * 1000000. For example, if a level 4 guild needs to develop the step shaking workshop skill in the seventh paragraph, it needs to consume 700W guild funds. After a player's Guild owns a workshop, it will consume a certain degree of guild construction to maintain every week. Calculation formula of guild building degree consumed by a workshop every day: Construction consumption (daily) = workshop level * 7 For example, if a gang has two 3 and 4-stage workshops, the daily consumption of constructiveness = 3 * 7 + 4 * 7 = 49 If the construction degree of the guild is too low, leading to the degradation of the guild, the technology level of the guild will be automatically reduced according to the construction rules of the workshop in the guild. Promotion of workshop level When players find the workshop supervisor to join the workshop, they can improve the workshop proficiency through continuous production. When the proficiency meets certain requirements, they can go to the workshop supervisor to improve the workshop level. In addition, players can also directly find the workshop supervisor to learn workshop skills and improve skill proficiency. Each learning will consume 20 points of physical strength. Since there are two workshop supervisors inside and outside the guild, they can improve the workshop level and rank. Finding a workshop supervisor within the guild to upgrade the level and rank will consume a certain amount of guild achievements, but the workshop supervisor can point out that the player's workshop skills are affected by the guild's capital investment in the workshop. It will cost a certain amount of money to find a workshop supervisor outside the guild to upgrade the level and rank. There is no restriction on upgrading the workshop level and rank here. When the player's level is greater than level 80 or the proficiency is more than 200, he will not be able to increase the workshop skill proficiency by consulting the workshop supervisor. He must improve the skill proficiency through continuous production.

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