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Saturday, February 5, 2022

What about the business license of the small workshop?

What about the business license of the small workshop? The epidemic prevention station has cancelled the hygiene license since June 1. Now the hygiene license is included in the production license, but the small workshop does not have the conditions to obtain the production license However, without a production license, the Administration for Industry and Commerce will not apply for a business license. Now how can we handle the legal procedures of small workshops? open There are 3 responses in total A business license is a certificate issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce to industrial and commercial enterprises and individual operators to engage in a certain production and business activity. Its format shall be uniformly prescribed by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The business license processing process includes the following steps: the first step is to approve the name. After determining the company type, name, registered capital, shareholders and proportion of capital contribution, you can go to the industrial and commercial bureau to submit an application for name verification on site or online. If it fails, you need to re check the name. It takes 1-3 working days. Step 2: submit materials. After passing the name verification, confirm the address information, executive information and business scope, and submit the pre application online. After the online pre-trial is passed, submit the application materials to the Administration for Industry and commerce according to the appointment time. After approval, the notice of approval of establishment registration will be received. It takes 5-15 working days. Step 3: get a license. On the day of appointment, bring the notice of approval of establishment registration and the original ID card of the handler to the Administration for Industry and commerce to obtain the original and duplicate of the business license. The following materials are required for handling the business license: 1. Application for company establishment registration signed by the legal representative of the company; 2. The articles of association signed by all shareholders; 3. Qualification certificate of legal person shareholder or ID card of natural person shareholder and its copy; 4. Copies of appointment documents and ID cards of directors, supervisors and managers; 5. Certificate of designated representative or entrusted agent; 6. ID card of the agent and its copy; 7. Proof of residence use. Legal basis: Article 17 of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of company registration to establish a company shall apply for name pre-approval. Where the establishment of a company is subject to approval as required by laws, administrative regulations or the decision of the State Council, or the business scope of the company belongs to the items that are subject to approval before registration as required by laws, administrative regulations or the decision of the State Council, the company name shall be pre approved before submission for approval, and the company name approved by the company registration authority shall be submitted for approval.

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